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Club de Patos Sisal

Sisal is a peaceful fishermen´s town, on the coast of Yucatán, 30 miles north of Merida. One of the first ports founded by the Spaniards in the peninsula had its peak during the XIX siècle, due to the commerce of sisal fiber. Presently has a population of around 1600, and lives from fishing and tourism. The “sisaleño” is known for his hospitality.

Sisal enjoys a privileged situation on the Gulf of Mexico, with constant breeze, a calm clean sea, and the original almost intact sea-dune vegetation. Club de Patos until now has been a hunting lodge, open for at least forty years due to its proximity to the lagoon where duck hunters come during the winter.

Only recently it has been transformed into an exclusive resort, a unique combination of elements conform a feel good retreat furnished to laid-back luxury.

The best asset of Sisal is the peaceful contact with nature. We are surrounded by national parks and the University of Mexico has there one of its most important marine research institutes UMDI-Sisal. The natural barrier of coastal dune works as a screen that makes seclusion even more seductive. The perfect destiny for bird watching: flamingos, ducks, cranes, sandpipers, nighthawks, egrets, orioles, flycatchers, cardinals, woodpeckers, pelicans and more.

There are still some constructions from the past, but mostly a colorful vernacular mix that includes a lot of stone and wood.